virgin trains banner


Graham from Laws of Attraction commissioned me to work with him on a series of animations for Virgin Trains. They wanted to develop a series of screensavers for their new online systems.
We devised a series which would encompass the nature and the spirit of a company such as Virgin. The inspirational snippets would be further enhanced by lively animations mixing a variety of techniques.
I combined kinetic type with character flat puppet animation as well as straight tradigital achieving a laid back, yet bright and vivacious look, perfectly complimenting the company internal structure. The combination of these retained a flat aesthetic allowing each one to be viewed from multiple angles. As these were to be screensavers and hence also work on 1:1 ratio monitors too there were certain composition challenges to be tackled too. These animations are summed up in a mini video bellow.

I’m looking forward in future experimenting beyond the 16:9 with the ubiquitous use of mobile platforms. I have taken these lessons to my Instagram project and there may be a vert video coming soon too. ;)