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I was comissioned to work on the Johnsons ‘Going for GROWTH’ staff annual meeting video.The annual gathering of all of their staff from all of their stores in UK had a distinct theme to it.

animation of a shrub parting to reveal a green heart with words 'at the heart of everything we do' coming out of it, it then transforms into a butterfly and flies away

They wanted all of the staff to get the inspirational message and strategy focus quickly and effectively. A summery, in effect, of all the things to be discussed in the gathering. I broke the supplied vector illustration to be used on the printed elements of the gathering into components.

animaiton of three dots turinnig into words 'our brand pillars' and then acting as seeds from which a beanstalk grows

Each element would act as a visual anchor to the message and enable the bright green, spring colours to harness the growth archetype. There was a large amount of copy to be communicated and that led the direction of this video into kinetic type.
In order to communicate beyond just ‘interesting transitions’ I decided to push the element of the inspirational message to the kinetic focus.

animation of kinetic type of:'to build our customer base, drive our turnover and grow our market share'  floating over a medow as a beenstalk shoot outanimation of kinetic type of'our goal is to grow our business and get even better' on a white background with a couple of butterflies starting itThe words would appear on screen with thought out consideration, drawing upon the principles of visual psychology, NLP and most importantly self reference. It is the content of the message which would drive forward the message and pull the animation toward the finished product.
In order to convey this to the client we developed a storyboard and an animatic, allowing room for future amendments.
The final result is inspirational strategy conveyed through clean and crisp kinetic type which works well on a large projection screen as well as on a mobile platform.


gif of lohnsons cleaners logo revealing words 'grow' in a green bouyont font blooming as a bean shoot grows on a grassy meddow and butterlfies waft over the bubbles of light

An excript from the treatment of the animation:
1. We open up with a growing grass. It grows from left to right until it fills the bottom of the screen, representing the ideology of rapid growth. The letters follow suit as they create a smooth typewriter effect with curvilinear downward transition, mimicking the semiotic of growth. This creates tension and expectancy allowing the next part to explode and be processed by the cortex at a faster rate.
2.The previous frame cues the ‘Growth’ font. This will be organically blooming creating an visual impression of
growth. The ‘Going for’ zoom in from left to right increasing the subliminal processing of the message and
aligning with ‘O’ creating a natural mirror for visual blind spot reading. The grass is fully grown by this point
and we get a small ‘bean’ sapling emerge. With this strong symbolism the date fades in with a 30/70 soft
transition. There is a mimicking of the original image.