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I have to date completed three videos for Farnell: Element 14.
The first one was at the dawn of my independent career working on a fun script of interplay between Mike and Rufus (the doofus). The two characters have two distinct approaches to solving their individual problems, which in hindsight seem as a precursor of the world today. The hand drawn doodle approach was superfine to do alongside comical scenarios the pair would get ignored in (especially Rufus). The second film, coming a couple years later, continued the hand drawn theme. This time it was more realistic and in line with the illustrations from YouGov juxtaposing the preconceptions of polling vs real life. Element 14 wanted to create a realistic profile for it’s community. Challenging the preconceptions given by previous surveys we have a character being manipulated in a somewhat Duck Amuck style. Mitch, the fish was my favourite part of this one.
The trilogy completes with a motion graphics piece. This time the application was a non-linear narrative infographic for the Electronica 16 festival. It was a series of motion graphics which would intercut various presentations. I have included a supercut of these here along with some good ye olde number for your aurals.

Watch this space for prequels, sequels and spinquels :)