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Bridgefords estate agents wanted to create a mural for their new offices in Leeds. A map of the city centre would be a great aid for their customers and staff alike as well as further solidify their brand. As the potential clients waited in their offices their attention would be directed towards the large map. It would also allow for easier mental mapping for their staff, giving them relatable distance to maximise their efficiency. The connectivity achieved was one of the essential ingredients.
The back wall space to be used was large: 12m x 4.5m height. The map would have to be mega-massive.


a vector map of Leeds city centre featuring highlighted units managed by bridgefords estate agent

First challenge lay in creating the map itself. At the time there were no 3d maps of the entire area. I had to create the map from scratch. In order to design a scalable version which could be used in future printed media the map would need to be vectorised with faux 3d look (this would also keep it under budget). Combining multiple Leeds city centre maps with Google Eearth arial photos, as well as old fashioned architecture studies I built up the material enabling me to meticulously design and draw the map of the city.
The second challenge would be in transferring this to their wall. Due to the size and required longevity the best option was to make it into a mural. I painted the map onto the wall using over 20 litres of bespoke combined paints. I took regular photos of the transformation within Bridgefords office and combined it into a time-lapse video bellow.