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Like most animators I made little flip books ever since my childhood days. Notepads near the phones would get their edges filled with bouncing balls, walks cycles and the a variety of fantastic characters. Most of my schoolbooks had a dedicated corner to little movements. Experiments with lines, shapes and most importantly: movement. The moving doodles would come to life only when flicked in an era when animated works required a dedicated rostrum and some expensive tech.


The world has changed since then but doodling little tidbits has not.
Since my uni days I started to collect these together and eventually begun to use dedicated books for these animated sketches. The freedom to move through the paper in the dimension of time and space allowed for experimentation and spontaneity beyond usual planned animated work.


I’ve kept up using these little sketchbooks with some regularity, adding additional interlacing layers to them on journeys and waits. The very nature of their disposability means that no mater how odd an idea is I can create a represtentation to see how it would work. Sometimes these would interplay with each others creating new forms and layered ideas beyond the intended scope.

All I need is a scribbler and a (mini) book.
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